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About Our Deliveries

122 West will do everything possible to make your furniture delivery a wonderful experience. 
We require a 50% deposit to process your order. Once your order is ready, we will call you for the final payment, confirm your address and schedule your Sunday delivery. Once your order is routed, you will receive a call from one of our staff giving you the specific window of time that our delivery team is scheduled to arrive. They will do their best to arrive within that scheduled window but please be advised that from time to time, delays can occur due to weather, traffic or a difficult delivery. 
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Do I have to wait at home for the whole day?

No.  You only have to be available to meet the truck during that period.  We will give you a call the afternoon before the actual delivery with a 2 hour time frame for delivery the next day.  Upon request, our driver is able to call you 30 minutes prior to arrival.

What if something happens after my furniture is scheduled and I cannot be home?

Being available for your delivery is the most critical factor in the process. Once you confirm that you will be available during the scheduled time frame, your furniture is loaded in sequence for delivery and if you are not able to accept during the scheduled time frame, your furniture may experience additional transportation and handling and you may incur additional charges or a re-delivery fee.
If unforeseen circumstances occur, please call us at 604.938.1201 as soon as possible so that together, we can discuss alternatives.

What are your days and hours of delivery?

Our deliveries are on Sundays. We also deliver seven days per week (except holidays) from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM.

What if I have building restrictions or limited delivery hours in my neighbourhood?

Let us know this on our initial call. Many times we can work around these and accomplish your delivery on our first attempt, however, we cannot guarantee a specific delivery day or time. Failure to let us know about restricted delivery times in advance could result in missing your delivery and having to bring your shipment back to our facility for scheduling on another truck along with a re-delivery fee.

What if the furniture won’t fit through a doorway or in my stairwell?

It is very important to check the dimensions of your furniture before you purchase it and to check the pathway(s) that it will have to travel to be placed for you.  Here is a terrific guide to measuring for furniture.  We require three inches (3”) of clearance on the top, bottom, and each side of the furniture in order to place your furniture where you desire.  If the clearance is less than that, we will attempt placement for you and will exercise all care and caution possible but cannot be responsible for damage to floors, ceilings, walls, stairs, etc. that may result.  Please carefully check this prior to ordering.  Our drivers will ask you to sign a damage waiver if you do not have the 3” of clearance required.

What if I am not available to receive the delivery?

We will hold your order in our secure storage for a short time. There may be a storage fee if it is longer than 2 weeks.

What about payment?

Your outstanding balance must be paid in full before you are scheduled for delivery. We will not deliver without payment. 

What about delivery and set up of my furniture?

Please respect that we have many deliveries scheduled in a day and our drivers are on a very tight schedule. Ensure that the area you'd like your furniture placed is cleared and ready to receive the delivery. Assembly will include attaching mirrors to supports, putting beds together, installing crowns, table legs, reversing drawer hardware etc. We can not assemble knocked down furniture, level furniture on carpets, hook up televisions, DVD players, stereos, etc., or install glass shelves in curio cabinets.
If you require a mattress or furniture removal, please let us know prior to your delivery as there will be a disposal fee and we will build in additional time at your location. If it is found to be too difficult to maneuver a piece of furniture in narrow halls, doorways, or stairwells, 122 West has the right to refuse delivery to prevent damage to furniture, floors, or walls.

If a piece of furniture is too large to fit into the specified location, the driver has the right to refuse delivery. 

What about claims or damage?

It is the customer’s responsibility to inspect each item for damage as it is being brought into your residence. After all of your furniture is delivered, our driver will ask you to sign the delivery receipt and you will receive a copy. Please note any damages or defects on the receipt.
If there are damages (including damage to your home or yard,) our driver will immediately contact our customer service department and speak with management who will advise you based on your particular circumstances.

Normally, damaged or defective merchandise have to be returned for handling. All returned items are automatically placed in priority status. If you have one piece damaged, please do not refuse your entire order as this causes the unwrapped pieces to experience unnecessary handling resulting in greater risk of damage.

If you refuse undamaged furniture, you may be subject to re-delivery charges and storage fees.

Please ensure you have measured the access to the property and final location as our drivers are not permitted to force a piece to fit if the entry is questionable. Our management team are available on delivery days to assist with any issues. 

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