Solveig Accent Stool


The Solveig is made from reclaimed wood, and is unique in that it offers ageless distinction and beauty. Variations in pattern and texture are to be expected and are welcomed. The Solveig has a long beam underneath the table, for a unique look and extra support. 

The Solveig's reclaimed wood has tons of character, and its age only brings out its allure, depth and color even further. The Solveig is finished in a beautiful warm-toned medium brown color, and features variations in color depth that is unique to each piece. 

The Solveig's reclaimed wood shows off weathered beauty that has tons of heart and character. It's reclaimed wood features combined with its boxy shape make for the perfect addition in rustic designed spaces. 

Dimensions: 18.0" L x 13.0" W x 17.0" H

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